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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thinking Through the Intangible Cost of Wars of Aggression


My cousin is currently on her third tour in the Middle East. After witnessing the horrors and violence of war, she has become more invested in peace studies and addressing local, national, and global violent conflicts.

As I think about the phrases like "Support Our Troops," I am struck by the emptiness of such a phrase in terms of us and our troops grappling with realities of the cost of war. This is not a new revelation, but this video has once again reminded me of the losses all families affected by wars incur. This video is not ground-breaking, but it does bring to light a particular experience had by many military families. Kudos to those involved with the production of this video and let us continue to support our loved ones by agitating and becoming vigilante about the true cost of war.

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